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Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica produces a highly diverse selection of rare native tropical trees in our own nurseries and then carefully transports and plants them in a natural forest matrix. All trees are produced and planted by professionally trained and managed Community Carbon Trees work crews exclusively on degraded farmlands owned by local Costa Ricans (Ticos). Projects are carefully designed based on the topography, elevation and a host of specific permaculture factors associated with each piece of land and its relation to its neighbors. Tree planting areas are fenced off by CCT where necessary to protect the trees from cows and other animals to insure maximum growth rates especially when the trees are young and delicate. The participating local families cooperate in the design and vigilance of the trees throughout the 25 year cycle of the project. The CCT work crews maintain the trees for the first three years which entails at least three supervised maintenance cleanings per year. Once the trees have grown above the surrounding vegetation and are assured of continued strong growth rates, the participating family takes over the continued maintenance and receives instruction for an additional 22 years. The growing trees are carefully managed to generate food and income and are protected in perpetuity through community cooperation.

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